COTS DLMS/COSEM Protocol library

Our DLMS COSEM (IEC 62056) ANSI C Source Code Libraries are designed to help you support DLMS on your metering hardware within a very short time, with a field proven and conformance tested protocol stack implementation. The Source Code Libraries are available for Server DLMS-COSEM applications



COTS Technology provides an easy upgrade path for Meter OEMs to implement DLMS/ COSEM protocol in their existing/ new meters by providing a DLMS Server Source Code/ Object Library (ANSI C). The stack has been written keeping in mind the hardware resource

Key advantages & features

- ANSI C Code that can run on all ANSI C compilers and processors
- ​Supports HDLC, TCP/UDP profiles
​-​ Platform specific functionality separated out as a file, with default implementations available for Windows and Linux
​- Supports general technical specifications of KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation)