The COTS7448V1 is a single board computer developed using a MPC7448 processor produced in NXP. The MPC7448 processors is based on the 32-bit e600 core, built on Power Architecture® technology. The COTS7448V1 has a high-end, low-power computing performance. And, it supports a variety of I/O and communication capabilities. The COTS7448V1 is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring highly reliable operating condition.



Item Description
Processor Freescale PowerPC MPC7448 Processor @ 1.2GHz
1MByte L2 on-chip cache
Bridge Marvell MV64460 Discovery III PowerPC Host Bridge
64bit Memory Bus (72bit with ECC)
Flash Memory Soldered 512MByte Flash Memory
VME Interface Tundra UNIVERSE II PCI to VME Bridge
VME64 Master/Slave interface support
SATA Interface Two Serial ATA 1.0 Port support for storage
Gigabit Ethernet Two 10/100/1000 BaseTx Ports From Discovery III
Serial I/O Two 16550 Compatible Async RS232 Port
Two 16550 Compatible Async RS422 Port
General Purpose I/O 14 Programmable In/Out Port
USB Two Host USB 2.0 Port
Non-volatile Memory 1MByte FRAM with 70n/Sec
Real-Time Clock Battery backup support
PMC Extension Slots Two IEEE 1386/1386.1-2001 compatible extension slot
PMC1 : Up To PCI 64-bit/66MHz, 3.3V/5V VIO
PMC2 : Up To PCI 64-bit/66MHz, 3.3V/5V VIO
Power Single 5V Input
Under 35W consumption
Frame IEEE 1101.2 Support
Conduction-cooled Rugged Frame
Temperature Operation : -40 ~ +75 °C, Storage : -40 ~ +95 °C
OS VxWorks 5.5.1/6.2/6.7
Tornado 2.2.1/Workbench 3.x