The COTS8640D 3U VPX SBC, 3U VPX SBC(Single Board Computer) is based on the MPC8640D processor family, which integrates two e600 Power Architecture™ cores with system logic required for networking, storage, and general purpose embedded applications. The COTS8640D 3U VPX SBC is a 3U VPX SBC, designed for harsh-environment, air and conduction-cooled aerospace and defense applications such as command/control, ISR, radar, sonar and signal processing. With a wide complement of on-board I/O, PCI Express® Gen1 fabric, the COTS8640D 3U VPX SBC satisfies the most demanding fielded applications for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and rugged naval systems.



Item Description
Form factor 3U VPX
Processor Freescale MPC8640D PowerPC Processor
- Core Clock : 800MHz, MPX Clock : 400MHz
- Dual Cores
Memory Up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM w/ECC
(1) 256MB NOR Flash
(1) 512kB NVRAM
On-board I/O Basically Offered I/O
- (4) GbE
- (2) PCIe Gen1 (x4, x8)
- (2) RS422
Operating System VxWorks®, Linux®
Ruggedization Levels Conduction-Cooled
Power Consumption Under 45W
Weight 420g(Conduction-Cooled)