The COTS7410V1 is a single board computer developed using a MPC7410 processor produced in NXP. The MPC7410 processors is based on the 32-bit e600 core, built on Power Architecture® technology. The COTS7410V1 has a high-end, low-power computing performance. And, it supports a variety of I/O and communication capabilities. The COTS7410V1 is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring highly reliable operating conditions.



Item Description
Processor NXP PowerPC MPC7410 Processor @ 400Mhz
Bridge Tundra Tsi107d Host Bridge
SDRAM Soldered 256MB SDRAM
64bit Memory Bus(72-bit with ECC)
Flash Memory Boot 1MB Flash Memory
User 64MB Flash Memory
VME Interface Tundra UNIVERSE II PCI to VME Bridge
VME64 Master/Slave interface support
Ethernet Interface One 10/100BASE-T
1553B Interface One MIL-STD-1553 channel with BC/RT/MT mode
Serial Interface Two 16550 Compatible Async RS232 Port
Six 16550 Compatible Async RS422 Port
General Purpose I/O Six Programmable In/Out Port
Real-Time Clock Support
PMC Extension Slots Two IEEE 1386/1386.1-2001 Compatible Slot
PCI 32BIT/33MHz, 5Volt
SCSI Interface 16bit Ultra2 SCSI Support
Frame IEEE 1101.2 Support
Conduction-cooled Rugged Frame
Power Single +5V DC input
Under 25W Consumption
Temperature Operation : -40 ~ +75 ℃, Storage : -40 ~ +95 ℃
OS VxWorks 5.5, Tornado 2.2