VPX3-D1 was implementing a DSP using TI's TMS320C6678 chip supports high-speed communications such as PCI Express, SRIO. It also supports two Ethernet ports of 1000Base-T. Profile that also directly applicable to this match because VPX systems manufactured according to the Open VPX MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-6 standards.



Item Description
Form factor 3U VPX Form Factor DSP Board
OpenVPX Payload Profile MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-6
Data Plane (SRIO) SRIO x4, 3.125Gbps 1 port
Control Plane (GbE) 1000Base-T 2 Ports
PCI Express PCIe x2, 5Gbps (Gen2) 1 Port
Management Plane (IPMI) IPMI Support
DSP TMS320C6678, 8Core, 1GHz
Main Memory DDR3 1Gbytes 64bit with ECC
SPI Flash 16MBytes (128Mbits)
NAND Flash 64MBytes (512Mbits)
I2C EEPROM 128KBytes
GPIO 16bits
HyperLynk Supports up to 50 Gbaud
Debug Port TI 60pin XDS560 Emulator support
USB Emulator Support
Power Consumption +3.3V_AUX : 10W Max
+5V : 20W Max
Operating Temperature -32℃ ~ +43℃
Weight 482g Typ.