VPX3-F1 is the Xilinx XC7Z045-2FFG900I (Zynq) as a high-speed communication chip FPGA board using SRIO, PCI Express support , and the system can be deployed in a variety of user environments by using the Zynq chip with high performance.  Open VPX MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-6 possible because production in accordance with the standard applied directly to the VPX system, the Profile fits .



Item Description
Form factor 3U VPX Form Factor DSP Board
OpenVPX Payload Profile MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-6
Data Plane (SRIO) SRIO x4, 3.125Gbps 1 port
Control Plane (GbE) 1000Base-T 2 Ports
PCI Express PCIe x2, 5Gbps (Gen2) 1 Port
Management Plane (IPMI) IPMI Support
FPGA XC7Z045-2FFG900I (Zynq)
Main Memory DDR3 1Gbytes 64bit with ECC
QSPI Flash 128Mbits
I2C EEPROM 128KBytes
GPIO 32bits
MGTX 2 Channel
Debug Port RS232 UART
Power Consumption +3.3V_AUX : 10W Max
+5V : 20W Max
Operating Temperature -32℃ ~ +43℃
Weight 450g Typ.