VME SHARC 4 Carrier Board (6U VME DSP)

Hard Sharc 4 Carrier Board is a board for ADSP21160 based multi- DSP ​​high-speed processing of Analog Device Inc. has 480MFlops highest processing speed. Processor Common Bus is shared with four each DSP DSP has 4MB of SRAM Local Memory with 84Bit wide. VME64 Bus Link Port to have had the Sharc DSP has high-speed (80MB / s) serial communications, the Port and has , JTAG between the Board and the Board through Daisy Chain consists of a multi- Processor and Multi- Board Emulation It is possible .



Item Description
Form factor 6U VME 64
32 Bits DSP 32 Bits Addressing (4 G Words)
32 Bits Processing in Core
64 Bits External Data Bus
High-Performance 32-Bit DSP Audio
Super Harvard Architecture Four Independent Buses for Dual Data and Instruction Fetch
Nonintrusive, Zero-Overhead I/O
Backwards-Compatible Assembly Source Level Compatible with Code for ADSP-2106x DSPs
Single-Instruction-Multiple Data (SIMD) Architecture Two 32-Bit IEEE Floating-Point Computation Units
Each with a Multiplier, ALU, Shifter, and Register File
Integrated Peripherals Integrated I/O Processor
4M Bit On-Chip Dual-Ported SRAM,
Glueless Multiprocessing Features
. Serial. Link . External Bus. JTAG
Power Consumption Under 50W
Weight 340g