The COTS-8349V2, 3U cPCI SBC(Single Board Computer) is based on the next-generation PowerQUICC II™ Pro integrated host processor platform. It provides integration of processing power for networking infrastructure, telecommunications, wireless LANs, and other embedded applications, resulting in higher device performance. The COTS-8349V2 is a 3U cPCI SBC, designed for KRTCS(Korean Radio Train Control System) and CBI (Computer Based Interlocking).



Item Description
Form factor 3U cPCI
Processor Freescale MPC8349E Core
- Core Clock : 500MHz
- CSB Clock : 200MHz
- L1:32kB I/D
Memory DDR2 - 100MHz, 512Mbytes
NOR Flash - Boot ROM(8MB), For user defined(64MB)
NVRAM – For user defined (4MB)
On-board I/O Basically Offered I/O
- (2) GbE
- (4) GPIO (In : 2bits, Out : 2bits)
Optionally Offered I/O (with PMC-8349V2 IO PMC card)
- (1) RS232
- (3) RS485
- (1) GbE
Operating System VxWorks®
Ruggedization Levels Air- and Conduction-Cooled
Power Consumption Under 30W
Weight 260g(Conduction-Cooled)