The VME-C5 is a single board computer developed using a T2080 processor produced in NXP. The T2080 processors is based on the 64-bit e6500 core, built on Power Architecture® technology. The VME-C5 has a high-end, low-power computing performance. And, it supports a variety of I/O and communication capabilities. The VME-C5 is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring highly reliable operating condition.



Item Description
Processor Quad Core 64-bit QorIQ T2080 (dual thread) up to 1.2GHz
6 DMIPS/MHz per core (up to 28,800 DMIPS@1.2GHz)
128b AltiVec SIMD unit (up to 38.4 GFLOPs@1.2GHz)
MAIN Memory 4GB soldered 64-bit DDR3 SDRAM with ECC
FLASH Memory 256MB 16-bit NOR flash
NvRAM Memory 512KB NvRAM
SSD Memory Up to 16GB SLC type SATA NAND SSD
STORAGE Interface One SATA2.0 Interface
VME Interface Tundra Universe II VME64 master/slave interface
Ethernet Interface Four 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Interface
Serial Interface Two RS232 UARTs interface
Four RS422 UARTs interface
USB Interface Two USB 2.0 interface
AUDIO Interface Support Stereo Audio interface (play a MP3/Wave files)
PS/2 Interface Two PS/2 Ports for Keyboard/Mouse
Temperature Sensor Support one ADT7481(CPU), LM92(BOARD) Temperature sensor
RTC Support one DS3232 Real Time Clock
ETR Support one DS1682S+ Elapsed Time Recorder
PMC1/XMC PCI-X 64-bit, 133MHz / PCIe 4-Lane Gen3
PMC2 PCI-X 64-bit, 133MHz
Input Power Single +5V DC
Max Power Consumption < 35Watt
Operating Temperature Operating : -40℃ ~ +71℃
Non-operating : -54℃ ~ +95℃
RTOS VxWorks 6.9
Booting Time < 15sec