The VPX3-C2 is a single board computer developed using a T2080 processor produced in NXP. The T2080 processors is based on the 64-bit e6500 core, built on Power Architecture® technology. The VPX3-C2 has a high-end, low-power computing performance. And, it supports a variety of I/O and communication capabilities. The VPX3-C2 is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring highly reliable operating condition.



Item Description
Processor Quad Core 64-bit QorIQ T2080 (dual thread) up to 1.5GHz
6 DMIPS/MHz per core (up to 36,000 DMIPS@1.5GHz)
128b AltiVec SIMD unit (up to 48 GFLOPs@1.5GHz)
MAIN Memory 4GB soldered 64-bit DDR3 SDRAM with ECC
FLASH Memory 256MB 16-bit NOR flash
NvRAM Memory 512KB NvRAM
SSD Memory Up to 16GB SLC type SATA NAND SSD
Ethernet Interface Four 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Interface
Serial Interface One RS232 UARTs interface
Three RS422 UARTs interface
PCIe Interface Two PCIe x4 Gen2/Gen3
USB Interface Two RS232 UARTs interface
Four RS422 UARTs interface
USB Interface One USB 2.0 interface
STORAGE Interface One SATA2.0 Interface
Temperature Sensor Support one ADT7481(CPU), LM92(BOARD) Temperature sensor
RTC Support one DS3232 Real Time Clock
ETR Support one DS1682S+ Elapsed Time Recorder
SPI Four Enhanced serial peripheral interface
WDT FPGA Watchdog Timer Support
GPIO Two Programmable I/O Ports
XMC Site J15 : x4 PCIe Gen2 XMC site, J16 : X8d+X12d Pattern XMC site
Form-Factor 3U VPX
OpenVPX Module Profile MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-3
Power Input Main +5V DC, AUX +3.3V DC
Max Power Consumption < 35 Watt
Operating Temperature Operating : -40℃ ~ +71℃
Non-operating : -54℃ ~ +95℃
RTOS VxWorks 6.9 / VxWorks 653 3.0
Booting Time < 15 sec