VPX 3U ESIO supports the PCI Express (Gen1) to the Board of 3U VPX type. Communication with external devices via CAN and SDLC and support by each of two channels. VPX 3U ESIO supports RS-232 , RS-422 communication with each communication channel 2, respectively, through the USB Interface.  Conduction-Cooled ESIO Board is designed as a type Industrial



Item Description
Form factor 3U VPX Type
PCIe Interface x1 PCIe
I/O Basically Offered I/O
-(1)USB 2.0
-(2)CAN 2.0
Optionally Offered I/O
-(2)RS422(SDLC or UART)
Power 3.3V, 5V
Ruggedization Levels Conduction-Cooled
Power Consumption 29.8 W
Weight <470g(Conduction-Cooled)