The CPCI-CAN is CompactPCI board designed for the PCI bus that features two electrically isolated high-speed Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces. The built-in CAN controller of this card is Intel 82527. The 82527 performs all serial communication functions such as transmission and reception of messages, message filtering, transmit search, and interrupt search with minimal interaction from the host microcontroller. Drivers are available for Windows System.



Item Description
Form factor 3U CPCI
Chipset PCI Bus Master Interface Chip, PCI 9056
- 32Bit, 66MHz PCI Bus Mastering I/O Accelerator
On-board I/O Basically Offered I/O
- (2) CAN 2.0, ASYNC
Ruggedization Levels Air- and Conduction-Cooled
Power Consumption Under 5W
Weight 285g(Conduction-Cooled)