The PMC-LAN-1 is a high performance, dual Gigabit interface Ethernet adaptor suitable for use with PMC host boards including VME, VXS, CompactPCI®. The board is designed for applications that require high-speed data throughput and lower-latency communications, such as high-speed image transfer, telecommunications and fast industrial control operations.



Item Description
Form factor Standard PMC Form-Factor (W74 X H143.8 X T1.6mm)
PMC Interface 3V/5V VIO and 64Bit/66Mhz PCI/PCI-X Bus
Ethernet Interface Dual Port Ethernet Intel 82546GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Auto-negotiation protocol selection
Transmit and Receiver FIFOs
Support jumbo frames
Hardware SNMP and RMON static counters
Operating System VxWorks 5.5.1/6.2/6.7 , Windows®, Linux®
Power Consumption Single +5V Input
MAX <6 Watt Consumption
Temperature Operation : -40 ~ +85
Storage : -55 ~ +105