The VNB is a 3U VPX board for the Naval Tactical Data System(NDTS) interface.The VNB module consists of two board : a NDTS I/O board(PMX) and a 3U VPX Carrier board for PMC interface. It has been designed to meet the IIU requirements of the intagrated combat system for Submarine.



NDTSMIL-STD-1397C parallel A/B/C/H
IEEE 1386, 1-2002 Standard
MIL-STD-1397C type
PCIe to PCI BridgePEX8114-BD12BIG-
PCI Expressx4 PCIe interfaceGen.2(5.0GT/s)
Host InterfaceP1 Connector
- x4 linked to the PCIe/PCI bridge
P2 Connector
- PMC I/O interface
VPX Connector
NDTS InterfaceFull Duplex 32 bit transfers16 or 32 bit
I/O Indication8 LEDs
- 6 LEDs for Rx/TX Data
- 2 LEDs for Input DC voltage
Placed the Front Panel 
Operating SystemWindows, Linux-
Power Supply+5V, +3.3V-
Power Consumption Max. 6 Watts5V/1200mA Max.
WeightMax. 400gIncluded frame
Key AngleCustomer definedDefault 0°
Form Factors3U VPX(100 x 160 x 19.4mm)Compatible VITA46/48 
Frame, WedgeLokForward type-