The UXB is a serial I/O interface board(XMC type) that providing additional RS-232/RS-422 based Asynchronous serial port for a host processor. The UXB supports two async. RS-232 ports and three async. RS-422 Ports.It has been designed to meet the IIU requirements of the intagrated combat system for Submarine.




FPGAXilinx XC6SLX150-2CSG484ISpartan-6
Local to PCI BridgePEX8114-BD13BIG-
PCI to PCIe BridgePCI9056BA66BIG-
PCI Expressx4 PCIe interfaceGen.2(5.0GT/s)
Host InterfaceVPX P1 Connector
- x4 linked to the PCIe/PCI bridge
VPX P2 Connector
- PMC I/O interface
VPX P0 : Power Input
I/O InterfaceRS-232 2 Ports
- SN65C23243DGGR
RS-422 3 Ports
Aaync. UART
Operating SystemVxWorks®, Windows® and Linux® -
Power ConsumptionMax. 20Watts-
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85°C-
WeightMax. 300g-
Key AngleN/A-
Form FactorsXMC(74 x 143.8 x 1.6mm)VITA 42
Frame, WedgeLokN/A-